Ash Wednesday Prayer

Search out the truth You have placed in each of us Lord. Have mercy upon us when we fail to be guided by it.

In the coming days of fasting, may we honor you with our prayers and may our intentions be pure. Place in our hearts the knowledge that you desire above all the sacrifices of a broken spirit and a contrite heart.

Let us fast from the acceptance of injustice, may we welcome the uneasiness of knowing the oppressed.

May we not stare at the naked in pity and shame, but may we clothe her with our own garments that we also might know the discomfort of being exposed

Let us prepare a feast for the hungry that they might know what it is to be full

When we are faced with those without shelter for the night, Lord, let us open our homes, that we might find Your mercy within us

Let our actions be a contrast to the darkness of this world and may we be a city on a hill, that those whose eyes fall upon it, might long to visit it. As we seek to bring Your mercy and justice to all people Lord, let Your light go before us, and your glory always hem us in.



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