Sunday (Prayers of the People)

Lord, You, who have wandered the desert and emerged without sin, Hear the prayers of Your people during this season of fasting and grant that we might grasp more fully the trials You faced when You became flesh.

Heavenly Father, we pray for Your holy church. We ask for wisdom amongst those who lead and humility for those who share Your word. Place your truth into each of our mouths that those who might be careless to things eternal would be awakened.

Lord, we pray for the nations of this world. May all leaders be filled with a spirit of truth, and may structures of oppression be torn down. Let Your righteousness flourish and Your prosperity abound and May peace fill every heart and food every belly.

Lord Your love is the everlasting in a world of temporary. Let this thought be our comfort as we remember now, those who suffer and those who have died. Pause. We ask that You would meet us in our lingering, our longing and our grief. In Your time move our minds to the world as it is now, even as we long for what has been. Bring us to a place of rest and peace.

Almighty God, there is no where we can go to flee from Your spirit, and no where we can hide to escape Your presence. In our deepest dark, You see the light that we cannot and in the truest of our revelations to You, You never turn from us. Let us not despair in our weaknesses Lord, but instill in each one of us, the truth that we walk in Your light.

We ask all these things through Jesus Christ our Lord



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