Holy Father, who yearns for Your people, You have loved us when the world found no value in our being. Despite our failings, Your son was tortured and killed that those weaknesses might be removed; that we would not be separated from the depth and greatness of Your love, but remain in it. We ask that You would hear the prayers of Your people as we come before You today.

Almighty God, You have gathered Your people from all lands and nations and You do not abandon those who fear You, May Your church be bound in unity. Let those who walk in righteousness come forth to teach, and those whose ways are careless be led in obedience.

Everliving God, Send forth Your word and power that all might know of Your goodness. Let those who hold hatred within them be cleansed by Your spirit. May those who covet power and wealth be revealed to the beauty of those gifts that cannot be owned. Let them who walk daily with suffering and hunger, know the blessings of Your kingdom. May nations suffering from the perils of war, be granted rest from violence. May those fighting in all wars know of Your compassion.

Gracious Father, grant us wisdom to know that our beginnings and endings are not bound by earthly time, but that You alone trace our journey’s and our resting places. Almighty God, who cares for Your people, grant wisdom to those within this parish, that we may be fruitful in bringing Your word to those in our midst.

Father we look to You and live, through Your son our sins are no more. Our debt is vast but you demand no repayment from us. Our inequities our great, but still you grant us perfect love. We are not given what we deserve. For You O Lord grant us life and we need only look to You and live.


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  1. Brad

    beautiful. thank you for these kate.

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