Wednesday , May 2nd

Heavenly Father, who gave up Your son that we might live, grant our minds and bodies the peace of being loved by one who’s grace is unending.

Loving God, May You gain the confidence of our hearts when we are unsettled and Let Your voice speak of the love You have for Youir children. May we come into Yuor presnce not with gifts and boasting but with nothing to offer and nothing to give, for You know the truth of our lives O Lord and the paths we have chosen to walk. Let us find rest in You, for there is no person outside the lengths of Your love.

May we not presume to comprehend the depths of Your mercy and may we not measure ourselves by our failures. but let us trust that our transgressions have been covered by the blood of the lamb.  

Fill us with Your holy Spirit Lord, that we would not live in guilt of the sins of our lives, but that we might accept Your mercy and live in the eternal joy and rest of Your name



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