Wednesday June 6, 2012

Heavenly Father, [without whom nothing is strong, nothing is holy*BCP], Grant Your people courage in proclaiming Your word and confidence in it’s truth. May we come before You in boldness, and desire to live according to Your will.

O Lord, bless Your church with unity, that Your house would not be divided. May we be gentle with one another and avoid disputes of insignifigance. May we seek those who are likeminded in the love of Your word, that Your church might grow in and strength.

Almighty God, by Your power grant Your church endurance during affliction and faith amid doubt, that we might receive the eternal weight of Your glory.

Lord we ask that You would call our hearts to Yours. Return our thoughts always to Your greatness and mercy and let us never tire of serving You.

We ask all these things through Jesus Christ our Lord.



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